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Shellyanne Creates

Providing homemade, artisan hot sauces and jams since 2017

-   ABOUT ME  -


My name is Shellyanne and my little venture is called Shellyanne Creates. 

It all started when I decided that instead of us buying Chilli Jam for our cheese and sandwiches, that I was going to make some instead. It went down very well so after some prodding I decided that I would try my hand at making hot sauces - much to hubby's delight. A fun little hobby for me, endless supply of sauce for him - win, win! 

In 2016, I started up a craft market with a friend and selling jewellery which wasn't going especially well. Whilst pondering what to do, my good friend Emily, in her very straightforward style, said that I should focus on what I'm good at - jams and hot sauces. So, I found out what I needed to do to sell, got my certificates and that's what I did.

Years on, I'm still happily making hot sauces and jams but now for everyone to enjoy!


My main thing is that there should be flavour as well as heat so you won't find any chilli extracts or anything like that in any of my sauces. The sauces and jams are all vegetarian or vegan and gluten and celery free as I know firsthand just how frustrating it is to not be able to eat something due to allergies or lifestyle...

I make everything myself in my kitchen and often have limited edition runs of sauces throughout the year. As everything is handmade by me, I produce in small batches as frequently as I can. 

I am usually to be found at markets talking to people about sauce and jams whilst encouraging people to eat and try as much as possible! If you're lucky, you might meet Mama G who is the inspiration behind my most popular sauce, Mama G's Favourite. 

Anyway, enough from me! Hopefully you'll enjoy eating the sauce as much as I love making it for you all.


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